Made of soft flexible plastic, this ring sizer is a handy gear to find your ring size. 


It works like a belt. Simply wrap it around the widest part of your finger until it feels snug. The small arrow indicates the size of the finger. It's that easy!


Soft flexible plastic


Measures US ring size from 1 - 17 in full and half sizes.


Free shipping within the US. Ready to ship in 1-2 business days.


This is an non-returnable item.

Express yourself in gold

Style your look with our modern jewelry that is meant for every occasion. Each of our pieces of jewelry is designed to reflect your unique personality. Wear them, stack them, mix and match. You invent the ways to wear your modern jewelry. You compose your never-ending stories, we craft them.

3D "Printed"

Here at Bana Bana, we thrive to continuously innovate and explore new technologies to express our design through a small piece of jewelry. It is perfect for a piece to someone you love or yourself for an unforgettable moment of life.

Ethnically Mined Diamonds

Diamonds are gifts from mother earth. We guarantee that all of our diamonds are completely natural, conflict-free, responsibly sourced, and ethically mined. Thanks for making one of your greatest moments be a small start towards a better world.